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I have been very satisfied with the construction of my custom home by Mancil Construction. From the planning phase to the final walk-through I enjoyed the attention Tony Mancil brought to the project. Costs estimates for my 2,350 sq. ft. home and unattached 1,000 sq. ft. garage and portico were accurate. All modifications to the original plans were executed with attention to detail. The quality of the work was great, and relied upon managing the experience and skill of the subs brought to the project. I would recommend Mancil Construction to anyone interested in high quality workmanship for a new home, where personal attention to detail is high on the list of needs.
-Steve Pace

Mancil Construction, a rare find. When my wife and I retired like so many other people we moved down to Florida from New Jersey. We had already bought a piece of property in Pine Ridge, Citrus County Florida to have our dream house built about a year before that. We looked at different builders and ended up selecting Mitch Underwood to build it. We first met Tony Mancil as the supervisor of construction on the project. He was the person who was responsible to keep the process moving forward and to resolve any issues that came up. We were extremely happy with how Tony treated us, how he was willing to talk to us and how he was always on top of things as our home was being built. A few years later I decided to have a 24’ x 30’ boat garage / workshop / man cave built on our property. By then Tony had opened his own construction company so I contracted him to get an estimate. His price was extremely fair and we knew we would be pleased with the quality of his work. We hired Tony and he worked with me on the design and the positioning of the structure on the property. Everything was going along nicely. After getting approval from the property association we ran into a stumbling block when the county turned us down for adding a third driveway to the property. Tony looked into possible solutions and we decide to try and get a variance. Tony helped prepare the required documentation and even went with me to the hearing to answer any construction related question that might arise. When we were not able to get the variance, Tony went back to the drawing board and redesigned the garage and the driveway configuration so it would meet the countries requirements. Tony did all of that without charging us anything extra for his time and effort. Once the new design was approved, construction went smoothly and quickly. During construction Tony even recommended running cable TV and telephone out to my new “man cave” which he did for just the cost of the materials. I would highly recommend Tony and his son for any construction project you may have. Finding a contractor that will do what he says, when he says is extremely hard to find in this area. Mancil Construction is that rare find. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about Tony’s work or his work ethic.
-Bob & Gerri Swain, Pine Ridge Florida

My wife and I have had 2 homes built by Tony and his son Travis. We love them both. Quality and very reliable work done by caring friendly people. Tony goes way above and beyond to ensure your happiness in your future home. I discovered with my home that warranty's and guarantees are not needed because he builds them to last!
-Fred and Winona Jazzkolka

It was eight years ago when, needing a contractor for a major addition on our home in Citrus Hills, (and, being a retired contractor myself) we met with 3 builders. We chose Tony. I was impressed with his building knowledge and his sincerity. Making that choice was one of the better decisions my wife and I ever made. Not only did we find a great builder we found a new "great friend". After that first project he's completed 2 more significant additions to our home. And, we continue to call him for needs that we are unable to manage ourselves. The two most important decisions a person will ever make in their life is the partner you choose for life and the builder you choose. Typically, both represent the biggest investment one will ever make.
-Gordon Converse

In 2012 I contracted with Mancil Construction to build a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath stilt home. From the beginning of the permitting process to the CO I was very impressed with the professional performance of Tony and his crew and the sub-contractors. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for excellent workmanship and professional assistance.
-Gerald Flaharty

My husband and I met Tony Mancil and his company when we first moved to Ocala in 2010. We needed doorways expanded to accommodate my husband's wheelchair. He was recommended by VA. He also replaced our carpeting with wood floors and did an excellent job. Later we asked him to paint our entire house, put in a window, a backsplash in the kitchen, crown molding throughout, kitchen and living room hanging lights, and some special things for the bathroom. It was again an excellent job. A year later I asked him to enclose my lanai. His job was done so well that several people in my neighborhood asked for his name and number. Everyone has been impressed with the quality of his work, his professionalism, and the fact that Tony is an all-around nice, honest guy. I would recommend him to anyone. If I ever need anything else done, he is my first phone call.
-Bev Wiggins

Three years ago we were looking for someone who could renovate our spare bathroom. We remembered Tony Mancil (who had been the super on the build of our house in 2001) was doing renovation work. We called him and he accepted. From the first we were comfortable knowing he understood what we wanted for an end result. He listened carefully making suggestions as we detailed what we wanted. He presented us with a written detailed estimate.  He went over it carefully with us making sure we were still "all on the same page."  He gave us an estimated time of completion and completed "on time and on budget!"  Satisfied customer!! So when it came time to completely renovate our kitchen we called Mancil Construction again. The procedure was exactly the same as the previous reno job. Tony and his son listened carefully to our plan and again made suggestions that to be honest we were not capable of anticipating. They met with our cabinet guy, Tom Richards, so that no surprises would arise.  Again, we were presented with a detailed written estimate and, again, we all went over it carefully making any changes needed. A time frame both we and the cabinet man could work with was agreed on. Tony and his son started on time, worked every day and worked with other contractors so we were never unduly inconvenienced. It was a kitchen renovation and there was going to be some discomfort!! But they went out of their way to minimize the discomfort. The potentially problematic project was smooth sailing instead. Anytime I thought a situation had arisen that would cause a problem, Tony reassured me not to worry and carefully explained the resolution. And, AGAIN, the job was completed within the time frame promised! And on budget!!! I have to say our spare bath is beautiful and just what I wanted; but, our kitchen is magnificent!!!!  Through both renovations Tony and his son all but held our hands through the process. We felt confident and comfortable with Mancil Construction through the entire processes. This was very important to us because we had never gone through a renovation!! We highly recommend him and even hope to use him again for more renovations.  We are very blessed to have a contractor who is knowledgeable, honest and reliable. And, by the way, has great ideas!!
-Jean Dunlap